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PAX is always my busiest show of the year because you awesome fans are always giving me inspiration to fun ideas and sketches! I believe I did over 100 sketches at the show. I am truly humbled by all of your support!

To see my convention sketches, you can find a lot of them on my Instagram. Username Vostalgic

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Hey guys!

This year’s Comic Con in San Diego is fast approaching and the show is promising to be even crazier than last year!

Once again, I’ll be shuffling around between the Udon(booth 5037) and Capcom(booth 4844) booths doing signings and sketches. My schedule is posted below, so come find me and get some sketches or just say hi! :]


Thursday, July 21:
UDON 9:30-1:30
CAPCOM 4:00-5:00

Friday, July 22:
UDON 9:30-1:30
CAPCOM 4:00-5:00

Saturday, July 23:
UDON 11:30-1:30
CAPCOM 3:00-5:00

Sunday, July 24:
CAPCOM 12:00-5:00

Also look for me speaking on these 2 panels…

7:00-8:00, Robotech PANEL, Room 6DE
ROBOTECH Announcements Panel

7:00-8:00: UDON PANEL, Room 4
UDON and the Art of Comic & Game Design.

And don’t forget to pick up your limited hardcover edition of the Mega Man Tribute book and get it signed by the Udoncrew, including me!

Megaman Tribute

See you there!

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Hey guys,

Once again, I’ll be at Wondercon this year to do sketches at the Capcom Booth! This year, in celebration of the game release, I’ll be doing Marvel VS Capcom 3 art, so any character in the game is fair game. I’ll try to remember what everyone looks like, just don’t ask me to draw M.O.D.O.K. ok? XD

Wondercon starts Friday, April 1st and runs through the weekend at the Moscone Convention Center in downtown SF! Come find me at the Capcom Booth!


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Hey guys! It’s finally here!

SF Ultimate Edition on sale!

Udon just announced the definitive Ultimate Edition of the Street Fighter Comic Book series! Now every single piece of Udon Street Fighter comic can be yours in a 2 hardcover premium book set. These are very limited(only 250 available and will not be reprinted) and they also come with an original sketch by yours truly on official Udon artboard!

Original SF sketches by Long Vo

Be sure to pick up yours today! Click on the image above to go to the UDON STORE!


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I've died countless times in much worse ways than this.

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven’t finished Halo Reach and are planning to do so in the future, don’t read this post. Otherwise, read on! ***SPOILER ALERT***

So, let me preface this by saying that I enjoyed Halo Reach. It’s probably the best campaign of the series in terms of tried and true Halo gameplay with the most epic of set pieces. And for all of its greatness, Bungie added a completely unnecessary epilogue level that is unwinnable.

I get it. Let’s make a dramatic/shocking ending by letting your character have no chance at beating the level and then get overwhelmed and killed by Covenant Elites. And then have an epilogue that tells you its the end despite your best efforts to kickass for the last 10 hours but it was all worth it because you paved the way for Master Chief to kill everything in the future and revenge your death. Which leads me to this…

Yeah, we know we’re supposed to die. But showing it is completely unnecessary. There is just no drama in it. Especially when you’ve spent the last couple hours being brutally murdered over and over again by waves of Elites on Legendary, the novelty of being overwhelmed by Elites loses its impact.

Furthermore, it’s very unsatisfying when you’ve spent the whole game overcoming all of these odds only to be unable to overcome this last onslaught of enemies. And really, it’s just a bunch of grunts and a few Elites. It’s almost as if the game is laughing at you.

So yeah, loved the game and it’s still fun to play but like Lord of the Rings, it really should’ve ended at the first ending. There is closure in knowing that you’ve sent Master Chief on his way to clean up the Universe. Some things just don’t need to be spelled out.

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Just posting a vid of a live sketch I did at PAX 2010– the person who commissioned this goes by Aerovaine on Youtube, and he also got a Ken sketch in his SF20 book last year at PAX as well. I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name, comment it to me and I’ll update this post with your name! :)

And if you were curious about the Ken sketch from last year, here it is below: